Deep Community Roots

Based in Greenville, South Carolina, Muncaster Financial Group has been looking out for its clients’ best interests since 2005. After ten years of experience as a financial advisor with a national and regional firm, Richard Muncaster recognized the Greenville community’s desire for an independent, truly comprehensive financial advisory firm, leading him to establish Muncaster Financial Group, Inc.

Relationship-Based Services

Family is in the heart of everything we do at Muncaster Financial Group. Our financial services are built on relationships and we always aim to treat clients like family as we prepare a solid plan for their future and the future of their children. The dynamic plans we put into place are set to withstand all of life’s changes and challenges with our team guiding you every step of the way.

Our Mission

Our goal is to establish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships, through which we implement our knowledge and expertise to ensure what you have built is protected along life’s journey.

Our Vision

To provide personalized and proactive financial guidance
to you and your family

Our Values

Client Satisfaction

Our clients are our top priority, and their success is paramount. All of our services are carefully tailored to ensure that client relationships always come first, creating a solid foundation for financial peace and independence. Muncaster offers the same services as larger wealth management companies without restricting overhead or corporate mandates. This business model creates more personal attention, service, and flexibility for clients as we design strategic solutions for your financial needs, pivoting your portfolio as necessary according to your current financial goals.


We are a boutique financial services firm with all the capabilities of a national operation, armed with a trusted team to manage your financial plan as we achieve and exceed your financial goals.

In addition to our carefully structured internal platform, our relationships with top money managers, insurance companies and vendors throughout the country allow us the luxury of choosing the best plan for our clients with the most competitive cost structure.


At Muncaster Financial Group, we take great pride in our work and have a laser-focused dedication entirely on our clients’ goals. Utilizing over 70 years of combined industry experience, the professionals at Muncaster Financial Group have the knowledge and resources to successfully navigate today’s ever-changing financial landscape, and deliver meaningful value to our clients.


We stand firmly on our time-honored commitment to excellence, innovation, reliability, and proactive expertise, driven by unlimited vision and an organized approach to financial planning. Our team exhibits steadfast dedication to the success of our clients, striving to deliver above and beyond their expectations through top-tier customer service and unparalleled industry expertise.

Are You Ready to Join the Muncaster Family?